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02nd Jan 2020

‘One in a million’ identical triplets were born in the Rotunda Hospital yesterday

Rebecca O'Keeffe

identical triplets

Pretty incredible!

Talk about a joyful New Year’s gift lads!

Annmarie Byrne-Ryan and David Ryan are celebrating the birth of their identical triplets.

Yep, identical triplets, which is extremely rare.

According to the Master of the Rotunda Hospital, the odds of giving birth to three identical babies is one in a million.

So yeah, like we said, really rare.

The proud mum, Annmarie, spoke just hours after the birth of the triplets, and said:

“They’re doing well. I’ve yet to see all three together.”

“David’s been up and down, back and forward to the NICU ward taking loads of pictures, keeping me updated. So I’m anxious myself to get down to see them.”

identical triplets

She also chatted to RTÉ’s Morning Ireland yesterday, and spoke about how she was doing since the birth.

“A little bit of pain, but no I’m okay, I’m just relieved they’re here, they’re healthy and all is good at the moment anyway, thank God,” she explained.

Speaking about her pregnancy, Annemarie explained that the whole thing came unexpectedly.

“It was very much a shock. Because it wasn’t planned. We got married at the end of April and went on honeymoon to Dubrovnik in May, and where most people come back with fridge magnets, myself and David brought home triplets!”

“So we were in shock about that and we didn’t even know we were having them obviously until I had a bit of a bleed nine or ten weeks in and we came into the hospital and we found out then.”

“Then it was even more of a shock to find out they were identical,” she added.

“We found out later down the line that they were identical – I think it was maybe three or four months. I have only one ovary myself because I had an operation and had an ovary removed in this hospital when I was 18. So they were baffled with that as well.”

How amazing for the whole family!