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24th Feb 2014

“I Am A Regular Joe Soap” – Sharon Ní Bheoláin Complains Of Intrusion Into Her Private Life

The news presenter spoke out today.

RTÉ newsreader Sharon Ní Bheoláin has complained of the ‘disgraceful’ intrusion into her private life, after photos were taken of her walking a friend’s dog at the weekend.

The Six One presenter was photographed wearing pyjamas, a beanie hat and a cardigan.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Liveline today, Ms Ní Bheoláin said that she has a right to go about her private business without being “papped.”

“I don’t set myself up as a supermodel. I’m a working journalist.

“I scrub up well. It is my right to throw on my slouchy pants and my Ugg boots and battered old cardigan and it is my right to scrub up when I want to without thinking there are paparazzi on the street.

“This isn’t the Kardashians for God’s sake. I may be on the television every night, but my lifestyle is very, very ordinary.”

Ms Ní Bheoláin has recently been subjected to an investigation into an alleged stalking case, after she received explicit letters and emails.

Gardaí have questioned the 37-year-old suspect and a file has been sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

However, Ms Ní Bheoláin said that she was more upset by the intrusion into her private life than the stalking investigation.

“That disturbed me more than any deranged stalker,” she said.