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02nd Jul 2012

Hey Gorgeous! Is the Wolf-whistle Dead and Gone?

According to a new survey, three quarters of tradesmen no longer whistle at women who walk by their site because they believe it is inappropriate. Is the wolf-whistle dead?


If you’ve ever been wolf-whistled at while walking past a building site, you’ll know how embarrassing/awkward it is. But the good news, ladies, is that this behaviour could be a thing of the past.

The Telegraph reports that a new survey has shown that three quarters of tradesmen (builders, roofers and the like) no longer whistle when a woman walks by their site, mainly because they believe it is inappropriate.

The survey, which was conducted by Direct Line for Business, revealed that the reason why 56 per cent of tradesman would not whistle is because they believe the practice has become sexist and chauvinistic. Fair play lads. Fair play.

However, the survey also showed that of this number, 19 per cent refuse to whistle at women simply because they are worried that if they do, they might be sued for sexual harassment. Nice.

“The research reveals changing attitudes to acceptable behaviour in the workplace, with people labelling behaviour other generations might have tolerated as outdated and inappropriate,” said Jazz Gakhal, the head of Direct Line for Business.

“It appears the days of women being wolf-whistled at as they pass building or construction sites are dying out. Attitudes regarding acceptable behaviour towards members of the opposite sex continue to evolve and it appears for many the wolf-whistle represents a time long past,” Mr Gakhal added.

So women – have you got any funny wolf-whistling related stories? One member of the team fell over in the middle of the street because she was so distracted by builders whistling at her! Tell us all in the comments section…