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24th Jun 2019

Great news! Fur farming is set to be banned in Ireland

fur farming

Well this is great news.

It seems as though fur farming is set to be banned in Ireland!

The decision came after similar bans in Europe placed pressure on the Government to follow suit.

A bid to ban fur farming will go before Cabinet tomorrow.

Agriculture Minister Michael Creed is seeking government approval to begin drafting the ban.

At the moment, fur farms are banned in 14 European countries.

Up until this point, the government has been apprehensive to ban the practice, for fear it would be difficult to do so.

Currently, roughly 100 people are employed in the fur industry in Ireland, with jobs in Donegal, Kerry, and Offaly.

In February of this year, Minister Michael Creed said to the Dáil:

“Notwithstanding the position in other countries, given the recommendations from the review group, there are no plans to introduce a ban on fur farming in this country.”

Solidarity-PBP TD Ruth Coppinger, is a long-time anti-fur campaigner, has previously described the practice of fur farming as “cruel, backward, and barbaric”.

She said that fur farming “is an example of capitalism willing to disregard life and welfare for pure profit”.

“As solitary, wild, and semi-aquatic creatures, packing mink into metal cages in groups is alien and unnatural.”

“For that reason, Veterinary Ireland asserts that it is impossible to regulate the fur trade and somehow make it kinder. It is not farming at all. The mink are gassed at six months and their skins are pulled off.”

In recent years a number of high end fashion brands have banned the use of real fur, including Chanel, Gucci and Burberry.

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