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22nd Jan 2014

Former Eurovision Star Joe McCaul Reveals He’s Been Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

The 25-year-old confirmed the news today...

Former Eurovision star Joe McCaul has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

According to the Mirror, the singer received the news just last month.

Joe and his sister, Donna, are perhaps best well known for competing in the Eurovision Song Contest after their song was chosen to represent the country in 2005.

Although Donna departed for L.A. to find singing work, Joe decided to stay in his hometown, appearing in musicals and playing local venues.

However, last year, Joe reported that he began to feel unwell. A series of tests were then carried out to find the root of the problem.

“I was initially diagnosed with Transverse Mylitis, which is an inflammation of the spinal cord. But then there were more tests in St James before I was sent home in December.

“When I was at home I got a call from my neurologist’s secretary to come back up to St James’ and I was a bit suspicious, because I had already got an appointment for next May.

“I got into the room and there were three doctors there and my doctor started talking in a general way about MS. I asked straight out ‘have I got MS’ and they said yes,” Joe told the Mirror.

Joe was devastated by the news, discovering that someone can also develop the disease later in life with teenagers also being diagnosed.

“My world crumbled around me. I was crying and the doctors just left me be”, he said.

However, Joe is determined to face the disease head on and will begin a course of medication next month.

Joe commented: “I can either lie down under it or get up and go. When people say to me, but you’ve got MS, I say, MS hasn’t got me.

“I love to party and I’m living for now. I’m not thinking about what next year has to offer.”