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03rd Aug 2012

Female MP Forced to Quit As Sex Request Tape Leaks Online

The Costa Rican Minister for Youth Karina Bolanos is forced to quit after a 56-second racy sex-request tape is leaked online and goes viral.

The lethal combination of nakedness, sex and video-tapes has never ended well. When will people learn?

The latest female to be hit by a sex-tape scandal is Costa Rican Minister for Youth Karina Bolanos.

A 56-second video where the woman lies on a bed and records herself asking a secret man to join her has gone viral.

The woman wears matching white pants and bra and rolls on the bed with a pillow as she asks “little one” to come join her.

During the video Bolanos points at her breasts and suggests the man come to the hotel to join her.

She tells the camera if the pillow was the man she would do “things” to it.

Bolanos toldcable television network CNN en Espanol that the video was made years ago and was put onto the internet by a computer engineer who stole it and was trying to extort money from her.

Now, Bolanos has had to step down from her job in shame.

You can watch the 56-second intimate video here. Saucy? Racy? Or just from one lover to another?

What do you think?