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13th Aug 2013

“False and Defamatory”: Ryanair to Sue Channel 4 Over Documentary

The airline said that the documentary was defamatory.

Ryanair is set to sue Channel 4 over their documentary Dispatches that aired this week.

In the documentary, airline pilots called on Irish Aviation Authority to investigate safety culture with the company.

Dispatches alleged that Ryanair flew frequently with the bare minimum of fuel and that pilot recordings of serious incidents somehow disappeared.

The airline company hit back, with a statement, describing its claims as “false and defamatory” and that the documentary “wrongly impugned” the airline’s “excellent” safety record.

“Over 50 per cent of all Ryanair pilots take extra fuel over and above the already planned Ryanair extra fuel on a daily basis.”

According to the Irish Examiner, Michael O’Leary said that he offered to do an unedited interview with the documentary team but they declined.