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21st Mar 2018

Facebook promises to make it easy to get rid of apps that store your information

Jade Hayden

Facebook has promised to make it easy to get rid of unwanted apps that store your personal information.

Mark Zuckerberg issued a statement today saying that Facebook has a responsibility to protect its user’s data, “and if we can do that, we don’t deserve you.”

This comes after research firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of gaining improper access to the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users.

Today, Zuckerberg said that each of these users would be notified that their data had been collected.

He also promised that Facebook would add a tool for users to see what apps were accessing their information and to allow users to revoke this access easily.

He said:

“In the next month, we will show everyone a tool at the top of your News Feed with the apps you’ve used and an easy way to revoke those apps’ permissions to your data.

“We already have a tool to do this in your privacy settings, and now we will put this tool at the top of your News Feed to make sure everyone sees it.”

Zuckerberg also said that the company needed to “step up” to ensure that a breach such as this could not happen again.

To do so, Facebook is planning to restrict developers’ data further to prevent abuse and audit any apps that appear to have “suspicious activity.”