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10th Aug 2012

Even Royalty Cheers on Katie Taylor!

Katie Taylor - she's always been royalty in Irish eyes, and now it seems like even the royals are more than happy to cheer her on...

We can’t stop talking about Katie Taylor in the office today. Seriously ladies, is she a legend or what? We’re pretty sure that you probably would’ve heard a pin drop in Ireland yesterday as everyone paused to watch her fight and, subsequently, bring home the gold. Amazing.

And it seems like we weren’t the only people avidly watching Katie do her thing. She had another person cheering her on yesterday, another person who we can’t help but love. Did you spot the Duchess of Cambridge clapping and shouting for Katie?

The Irish Sun reports that Kate Middleton was present at the match and was pictured laughing, smiling and cheering for the girl with the golden gloves as she completely obliterated her opponent.

The Duchess looked happy and enthralled as she watched the fight and sources said that she was spotted clapping and cheering as Katie sailed to victory. As if we needed any more reasons to love Kate Middleton – not only does she know how to rock a high street frock at a royal event, she’s also a good sport. Epic.

What a hero: Katie Taylor made history yesterday.

Kate Middleton wasn’t the only famous face that turned up to watch Katie Taylor in the ring. Hilarious comedian Dara O’Briain also managed to get a ticket to the event and constantly kept his followers updated via Twitter:

“I can’t wait to see my granny when I go home,” said Katie Taylor, speaking in an interview with RTE last night.

Will you be heading to Bray to welcome her home? We’ll let you know as soon as the details of her homecoming have been released. Hmm…we wonder if Kate Middleton will swing by Bray to say hello?