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20th Jul 2022

Europe’s heatwave to last until next week, experts say

“The question that everybody is asking looking ahead is – when is this going to end?”

The World Meteorological Organisation has said that the current heatwave over Europe could last until next week.

The past few days have seen record temperatures across the continent, as well as wildfires breaking out in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece.

As RTÉ reports, Robert Stefanski, who is the chief of Applied Climate Services at the WMO said: “The question that everybody is asking looking ahead is – when is this going to end?

“Unfortunately, looking at all the models from all our partners at a national and regional level, possibly not until the middle of next week.”

He also issued a stark climate change warning, saying: “The direction is clear and in the future these kind of heatwaves are going to be normal and we will see even stronger extremes.”

The WMO advised people to be vigilant during the heatwave, and said that older people, and people with underlying conditions are particularly at risk.

Monday was the hottest day in over a century in Ireland, after a temperature of 33 degrees was reported in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. Previously, the highest temperature reported in Ireland was 33.3 degrees, which was recorded at Kilkenny Castle in 1887.

The UK, meanwhile, saw its highest-ever temperature of 40 degrees.

Today will be cooler than yesterday and Monday, with highest temperatures ranging from 15 to 21 degrees, according to Met Éireann. Tonight, the highest temperatures will be between 9 and 13 degrees.

Tomorrow will be a dry day, though a few light showers are expected in the north and west of Ireland. Highest temperatures, again, will range from 15 to 20 degrees.

The National Outlook from the Irish Meterological Service suggests that temperatures will generally remain “normal” next week, though it’s expected to be wet this weekend.

For the full weather forecast, head to Met Éireann’s official website right here.