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16th Jul 2012

Eh…Where’s Our Sunshine? More Rain Predicted For the Coming Days

According to an old legend, we should be sunbathing right now - not huddling under umbrellas and wearing our winter clothes...

According to an old legend, we should all be basking in some glorious sunshine right about now. Unfortunately, it looks as though the downpours are here to stay. Typical, right?

The Irish Daily Star reports that yesterday was St Swithin’s Day, and according to legend, if the weather is amazing on St Swithin’s day (which it was) we’re supposed to have blissfully warm, dry days for the coming 40 days.

Unfortunately, Met Eireann has completely wrecked our buzz by warning that even more cloud and rain is on the way. Annoying right? You might want to keep your wellies and your umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh close to hand.

Met Eireann has said that today will continue to be dull and damp. Sigh. And while tomorrow will be slightly warmer, there will still be lots of cloud and a fair bit of rain. To make matters even worse, be prepared for some heavy downpours that will be making their way in from the Atlantic Ocean.

Can you guess what Wednesday’s weather will be like? Yes, you’re right. There’ll be more rain.

However, there is a small silver lining to an otherwise rain-filled cloud.

Peter O’Donnell, a weather expert from Irish Weather Online predicts that a “much warmer pattern” will begin next weekend. This pattern will allow “higher pressure to build in from the southwest.”

“The pattern seems progressive and could lead to very warm or even hot weather eventually,” Peter added.

So from next weekend we can expect temperatures in the mid-twenties. Not too bad, huh? Although we’ll keep our optimism cautious for the time being.