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16th Aug 2012

Dublin Hailed As One Of The World’s Best Places To Drink Beer

A top tourist website has chosen the Irish capital as one of the best places in the world to enjoy a beer...

Our very own capital is being recognised internationally as one of the best places to drink beer.

Dublin has been selected as one of the top international cities for drinking beer by a respected tourist guide.

In a review of 14 world destinations, said that, despite our extortionate prices, beer is a “way of life” and pubs are full of with happy patrons.

Dublin hit the list with other world capitals such as Munich, where the massive Oktoberfest is held annually Amsterdam, and Amsterdam, home of the worldwide-known beers Heineken and Amstel brands.

The online guide spoke about Dublin and said;

“Renowned for producing Ireland’s most famous export, Guinness, drinking beer is a way of life in Dublin.”

A number of the city’s pubs were recommended in the online guide.

The guide recommends several Irish establishments, describing Porterhouse as perhaps the most-celebrated beer institution in the capital as it has nine exclusive beers.

It also hails Dawson Lounge, Stag’s Head, Solas and Temple Bar’s The Auld Dubliner as some of the best places to visit.

Other cities that make the top 14 include Hanoi in Vietnam, Melbourne in Australia and Edinburgh in Scotland.