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15th May 2014

Drug Cocktail ‘Scuzz’ Leaves Three UCD Students In Hospital

Scuzz is a potentially lethal drug.

Cathy Donohue

A drug called ‘scuzz’ is believed to be responsible for the hospitalisation of three students from University College Dublin.

Scuzz contains a potentially lethal combination of LSD, speed and amphetamines. Sources say the drug is readily available to buy on the UCD campus.

It is understood that the students who were hospitalised are in a stable condition and are likely to make a full recovery.

A spokesman for the UCD Student’s Union told the Irish Mirror: “Several students have been taken into hospital last night after taking a bad cocktail of drugs that may have included amphetamines and LSD.

“Gardaí are worried that fatalities may occur if this batch is not taken out of circulation.

“If you are concerned or have any more information contact the drug unit on 01 6669200 or contact us here in the SU. We’ll be checking emails and social media after office hours”.

Gardaí are currently investigating the incident and the HSE have also been notified.

Anyone with further information or concerns about the illegal substance should contact the Garda Drug Unit on 01 666 9200.