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27th Aug 2012

Does Prince Harry Seriously Have a Facebook Account?

Rumours are rife on the internet today that everyone's favourite royal is a fan of the auld creep on the popular social networking site...


Is Prince Harry a fan of having the auld creep on Facebook? If reports today are to be believed then the answer is yes, yes he is.

The Irish Independent reports that there is intense speculation on the internet that Prince Harry has been using a fake Facebook account under the name of “Spike Wells” in order to use the social networking website to keep in touch with his friends and family.

Apparently, Mr Spike Wells has been using Facebook for the past four years and his friends list includes over 400 of Britain’s richest young men and women. It is believed that Mr Wells also has an intense appetite for partying at home and abroad.

But is Mr Wells just Harry Windsor in disguise?

Yesterday it was claimed that “Spike Wells” is a pseudonym used by Prince Harry so the young royal can keep in touch with his friends and give them a friendly poke every now and then on Facebook. According to reports, those closest to Harry have been calling him “Spike” for years and it has become a pet name for the Prince.

It is believed that after those naked pictures of Harry surfaced last week, his advisers told him to delete his Facebook page. At the same time, the Facebook page of “Spike Wells” mysteriously disappeared without warning.

But that’s not all – during Prince Harry’s trip to Las Vegas, Spike Wells changed his profile picture to an image of three men wearing matching hats – one of the men in the picture bore a freakishly uncanny resemblance to the Prince.

The three men were standing in front of a huge television, in a hotel suite that, according to reports, bears a strong similarity to those at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, where the royal was staying on his trip.

Curiouser and curiouser…

While St James’ Palace has declined to comment on the suspicious Facebook page, Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection for Scotland Yard stated that if a royal had a Facebook page, it would pose a “security risk.”

“From a security point of view I would never recommend anyone high-profile to have a Facebook account because, depending what you have on it, it is indicative sometimes of where you are going, what you are doing, and more importantly, who your friends are,” said Mr Davies.

Prince Harry on Facebook – what do you think?