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16th Aug 2012

Colin Farrell, ‘Smizing’, and New Fashion Finds – Laura Whitmore’s Week

She's been hanging out with a hot Irish man (not Danny this time!), finding a new fashion fix and guest-starring on a top TV show. It's a good week to be MTV presenter Laura Whitmore.

Can you imagine sitting beside sexy superstar Colin Farrell and not staring, drooling, at him? I can’t. And yet somehow, I have done exactly that

I met the lovely Irish man this week to chat about his new movie, the much-anticipated remake of ‘Total Recall’, and in this photo, it seems I was distracted by something else in the room. (I’m telling my boyfriend it was him… when in fact, I’m probably just looking at the wrong camera.)

Laura – somehow averting her eyes from the gorgeous Colin Farrell

The fact that Colin is such a hottie can sometime steer us from seeing him as the talented actor he really is. He’s one of those people that has crossed the line into Hollywood überstardom and yet still seems to be as Irish now as the day he first stood in front of a camera. And boy, aren’t we happy about that! 

And as for the film, well it’s completely different from Arnie Schwarzenegger’s outing in 1990, and if you like action, you’ll LOVE this! Also, Kate Beckinsake is bloody fantastic, if somewhat scary, as his ass-kicking wife.

Back to TV world, I’ve been a huge fan of the ‘Next Top Model’ franchise since I first saw Tyra Banks ‘smize’, (for those uninformed it’s smiling with your eyes… obviously).

So, when I was asked to guest star on the Britain and Ireland version a few months ago I jumped higher than Cian O’Connor’s horse.

Elle Macpherson takes command once again for this series and my job was to take the remaining hopeful models to the iconic fashion district of London’s Carnaby St, where they were faced with a grueling challenge. I had great fun shooting this and the girls were all lovely, but I was not prepared for how emotional and tough it would be. There were lots of tears (thankfully not from me), and it was a real insight into the world of modeling. 

Shameless plug: you can watch my episode of BINTM next Monday (Aug 20th) on Sky Living at 9pm.

Finally, my fashion lust of the week is ‘Goldie’, a concession in Topshop. I love this yellow skull top. To be honest, I’d never heard of the brand until I found myself roaming aimlessly around the Oxford Street store’s basement and I’m ecstatic I discovered it. They have some great vibrant prints that I definitely hope to accumulate, and the best part is they’re reasonably affordable. Definitely a brand to make you smile.

Laura sporting a cute yellow top from Goldie on Beat TV  

Until next week!