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28th Jul 2012

Bro-ceries: US Supermarket Opens its Very Own “Man Aisle”

Eh...clean up on man aisle 1...


Fed-up of seeing panicked men wandering around lost in the ladies toiletries aisle, a supermarket in the United States has come up with a bright idea: they’ve invented a “man aisle.”

Yes, a New York grocery shop has created a testosterone aisle. What is it, you ask? Well it’s basically a supermarket aisle that is completely dedicated to the male of the species. It contains steak sauce, condoms, alcohol, razors and any other gentlemanly necessities that you can think of.

The L.A. Times reports that the objective of the bro-aisle is simple: a man comes into the store, knows what he is looking for, knows that he will find it in the man aisle and thus, he doesn’t end up getting lost and accidentally walking into the shop display of feminine hygiene products (awkward…)

The man aisle: good idea or just plain ridiculous?

The shop itself, the Westside Market NYC, thinks the idea is pure genius, we however think it’s hilarious that men actually need to be TOLD where to go in a supermarket. Bless them, the poor little divils.

Maybe they should also employ some special man-minders, who can hold their hands just to make sure they get to the man aisle safely?

But what if a man needs something that isn’t located within the hallowed strip of the man aisle? Well then they have to venture out into the wilderness of the actual supermarket. Scary stuff, right?

We’re not exactly sure what to think of this. Hilarious/stupid/completely ridiculous – what do you think ladies? Let us know in the comment section.