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03rd Aug 2012

Bank Holiday Blues: Rain, Rain and More Rain for the Weekend…

Ladies, if you're planning on heading out this weekend, make sure your tan is waterproof and that you have an umbrella on you at all times.

Ladies, if you’ve been looking forward to lazy afternoons sitting out in the sun over the August Bank Holiday weekend, we have a bit of bad news for you: the weather is set to be absolutely drastic.

Yes, yes, we know. We feel your pain. We, too, are fed-up of lugging around umbrellas in our handbags and getting absolutely soaked on a daily basis. It’s just not fun and you know what? Bad weather puts a dampener on everything Fact.

The Irish Independent reports that there will be heavy showers across the country today and the risk of some thunder as well.

The heavens are set to pour down on top of us over the next two days, and the heaviest thundery showers will be in Leinster and Munster tomorrow. The showers are set to die out for a little while on Saturday night (but you better go with the waterproof tan, just to be safe if you’re heading out!) but you can bet that they’ll be back in full force for Sunday.

Bank Holiday Monday will be showery, but the good news is that a few sunny spells are expected so maybe, just maybe, we might be able to salvage a little bit of our weekend.

You might want to rock a pair of wellies this weekend…

Have you started to expect nothing but bad weather in Ireland? If so, you’re not alone as a new survey has revealed that 8 in 10 Irish people have no hope in our weather and actually believe that it will get worse over the next few years.

The survey, which was carried out by found that 83 per cent of us are just completely fed up with the Irish climate, and only 17 per cent are choosing to remain optimistic that our weather will improve.

How do you feel? Are you sick and tired of all the rain we’re getting? Do you believe that summers in Ireland are getting wetter and wetter as the years pass?