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09th Aug 2012

Australian Sports Pundit Says Ireland is “A Joke” for not Teaming Up With Great Britain in The Olympics

The ill-informed sports journalist said that our country and Britain is all “part of one mix-master.”

Ireland has reacted in anger to comments made by an Australian sports journalist who said that it is “a joke” that our counrty hasn’t teamed up with Great Britain for the Olympic Games.

Russell Barwick, who presents the hugely popular ESPN show Pardon the Interruption, said Ireland should fly the Union Jack at the Olympics.

“Ignorant” Russell outrages Irish fans

According to The Irish Independent Barwick said: “It’s a whole Irish joke, the whole thing. It just makes no sense.

“We, the rest of the world, can’t understand. It’s like a Hawaiian surfer not claiming that he surfs for the USA.

“It’s not like Tasmanians say they don’t want to represent Australia. You’re all part of the one mix master.”

He said: “I understand the history of Irish politics. Well. . . I don’t understand the history of Irish politics.”

A selection of the outraged responses of Irish supporters

The journalist then claimed that the Irish forget about their national identity when it comes to the British Lions in rugby.

“What about the British Lions tour? They all kiss and make up for a British Lions and they kiss and make up for Six Nations,” he said.

Derval O’Rourke competing in the Olympics

The journalist received mountains of abuse and outrage on Twitter when he infuriated Irish people with his comments.

“Ok a million apologies to those I offended. . . My initial question was ‘Why does Ireland compete together in rugby but not at Olympics?’

Cian O’Connor takes home the bronze at the 2012 London Olympic Games

“I found out myself and sorry again for offence as none was intended? God I hope Katie Taylor wins!!”

The influx of abuse was so strong that the pundit blocked his Twitter account but the criticism of his comments still continues.

Yesterday it was reported that Katie Taylor’s opponent Sofya Ochivaga suggested that Ireland had bribed the referees to get the star to the boxing final. Irish supporters were outraged when The Telegraph claimed Katie was British earlier this week, also.

Katie Taylor will box for the gold in this evening’s final

What do you think of Russell Barwick’s comments? wishes Katie the best of luck in this evening’s final! We know she will bring home the gold!