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16th Jul 2012

Aural Naughtiness: Virgin Atlantic Offers Fifty Shades Audio Book to Passengers

Afraid of flying? Here's one way to calm you down during take-off...

Virgin Atlantic have an interesting new way of keeping their passengers entertained on those boring, long-haul flights and it doesn’t involve an in-flight movie. Oh no. It involves something a little more…eh…stimulating…

The Daily Mail reports that Virgin Atlantic have plans to make the controversial raunchy novel Fifty Shades of Grey available to passengers as an audio book during flights.

Yes, you can read about kinky Christian Grey and his little BDSM strumpet Anastasia Steele as you soar over the Atlantic. Nice.

Sounds interesting, right? But we should mention that the airline has been quick to state that it won’t be held responsible for anything that passengers get up to on board after they listen to the explicit adventures contained within the pages of Fifty Shades.

Hmm…we don’t know about you, but we’re not exactly sure if we’d like to be stuck on a plane with loads of people reading such a dirrrrty book, but hey, at least it will help them pass the time.

Fifty Shades of Grey has quickly gained notoriety as a ‘naughty novel’ leaving some women embarrassed reading their copy in a public space,” said Fay Burgin, Virgin Atlantic’s head of PR.

“We want to give our female passengers the chance to enjoy the book in an intimate way, away from prying eyes. Of course, we can’t promise to spare any blushes and can’t be held responsible for any risqué behaviour that listening to the recording inspires,” she added.

Okay, would you fancy a bit of naughty audio when you’re on a long-haul flight? Would you feel uncomfortable sitting beside someone who was listening to Fifty Shades?

And, more importantly, who do you think should narrate the audio-version?