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06th Aug 2012

Ashton Showers Kunis With Expensive Gifts

Ashton Kutcher is showering new girlfriend Mila Kunis with expensive gifts, despite his only-recent split from Demi.

We’re not sure if Ashton needs to be forking out on expensive gifts to impress Kunis… but, apparently, he is.

The 34-year-old seems to be moving on with life quite fast following his split to actress Demi Moore last year.

The actor is showering new girlfriend, Mila Kunis, with expensive gifts. Friends say he is non-stop lavishing his Ted star girlfriend with presents. Is he trying to impress her?

Recent reports say Kutcher just bought a €4,000 diamond-encrusted mobile phone case. Necessary?

A friend said he wanted to get her something unique because, you got it, she’s a unique kind of girl.

“Even though it’s early days they are getting quite serious and he is besotted with her. He is even thinking about babies and marriage. He knows he looks like the bad guy but he is trying to change for Mila’s sake.”

This news comes as sources report Kutcher is eager to introduce Demi’s girls to his new actress girlfriend.

The Hollywood couple split last year but he is still close to her three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah and Scout.

“Ashton is desperate for the girls to meet Mila. He is organising a dinner and they seem keen,” a source told UK magazine Grazia. Demi entered rehab earlier this year and her relationship with her children remains fraught.

She is not happy with Ashton’s fast-moving recover and says she feels betrayed and upset.

She thinks it’s really disrespectful of Ashton. He has argued that he always supported the girls and is entitled to move on and be happy.”