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28th May 2013

And So The Bromance Continues… Becks And Ramsay To Become Business Partners

Becks has his eye on something other than the ball.


Becks might have hung up the boots but he isn’t ready to sit back just yet.

The retired soccer star is getting ready to hit the culinary world as he’s reportedly partnered up with his buddy Gordon Ramsay to open a restaurant in Las Vegas, The Sun reports.

The two are said to be considering opening up a sports bar and grill together in the city. Sounds good to us…

Gordon’s eyeing up David’s inkings… 

The pair spent a lot of time together when the Beckhams were based in LA. 

Gordon’s eateries are open and full seven nights a week so dining tycoon Steve Wynn got in touch to see if the friends wanted to have a place in his hotel.

“[Gordon] is one of the best chefs in the world, so it’s only natural that Steve feels he should have a place in his hotel as it’s the most luxurious on The Strip,” a source close to Wynn told The Sun.

“When you add David Beckham’s global status into the mix it has the potential to be the most talked-about restaurant in Vegas.”

Just one more picture then… we can’t resist Becks’s smile. 

But don’t despair if you can never see yourself getting to Las Vegas. Becks and Ramsay have already teamed up to open a restaurant called Union Street Café that’s due to open in London’s Borough Market in September.