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04th Nov 2014

WATCH: Lady Gaga Covers 4 Non Blondes’ Hit ‘What’s Up’

This is brilliant!

4 Non Blondes mammoth track ‘What’s Up‘ has been a karaoke favourite since its release in 1993 and our love for the track has been reignited thanks to one famous songstress.

The track, which was penned by Linda Perry, is without doubt one of the most well known songs of the nineties and over the weekend Lady Gaga decided to take it on.

During her ArtRave show in Vienna the Pokerface hit maker gave a powerful performance of the song.

Uploaded just two days ago, the video has already garnered almost a quarter of a million views, a number that we have no doubt will continue to grow (because we will have it on repeat).

All together now, ’25 years and my life is still trying to get up that big hill of hope…’

Video via YouTube/Lady Gaga