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12th Dec 2014

WATCH: Kildare Footballer Michael Konstantin Is Back With A Brand New Track

The king of catchy tunes...

Kildare footballer Michael Konstantin is the king of catchy tunes… 

You may remember Konstantin from his clever track earlier in the year that highlighted his beef with Pitbull and a few others successful artists.

This time round the Lilywhites man is singing about Dan Bilzerian and the Wolf Of Wall Street in a song that you’re guaranteed to be humming for the rest for the day.

Thanks to Konstantin’s biggest fan Mick O’Grady for sending this our way.

Here are the lyrics so you can sing along:

“You could be a big shot
You could rule the world
Be like Dan Bilzerian, an have all the pretty girls.
Spending each day,
Doing what you please
And for you I would be oh so happy

Well I could be the Wolf of Wall Street
Make a million everyday
Spend it on cars and girls and yachts and every other way
Some people think that’s foolish
Throwing it all away
But if it’s not ours then who are we to say.

I think you’ll find
That I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all
Just as long as you,
You look behind, look behind it all
Well I could be a big shot
I could be a fool
I could be a genius but it’s all up to you
You see I think you’ll find,
That i don’t mind, I don’t mind at all

Well you could be an Olympian
Or sit on a bar stool
You could be a nerd
Or a cat that is oh so cool
Just like Conor McGregor lightning up the UFC
And even though I love the man it makes no difference to me


I don’t mind if all you adore is some
Simple time and nothing more
I don’t mind if all you’re asking for is not for me.

Well You could live in a big house
Or a bungalow,
In a tree house, no house and even so
I could pay you a visit
Come over for tea,
Cos i’d be happy to call if you’d be happy to have me [sic]”.

Video via YouTube/Michael Konstantin