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24th Mar 2013

Wannabe The Newest Member Of The Spice Girls? We Can Make That Happen

Well, no, we can’t but we can point you to the reality show looking for a new member of the Spice Girls!

Sue Murphy

Due to the fact that Victoria Beckham has decided not to return to the band as she’s too busy making clothes and babies, the Spice Girls are now looking for a new member. And what better way to find that girl than with a reality series that might make an ordinary member of the public the newest singer in the biggest girl group ever.

The winner of the new reality show will get the opportunity to join the band and go on tour next year as a fully-fledged member of the Spice Girls. The band’s remaining members are currently in talks with TV producers to make the new show.

The charge to find the newest band member has been led by Geri, according to the Mirror. The girls hope to create a reality talent show that will be as big as X-Factor.


The search for the newest band member couldn’t be further from how the group were originally set up in 1994 when each girl replied to an ad to audition. However, it may well give the Spice Girls an opportunity to take centre stage again and use the show as a platform to re-launch a tour.

Will it be as good as this comeback without Posh?