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23rd Jun 2014

VIDEO: Gianfranco Zola Stars In Music Video For Irish Band Wonder Villains

Amazeballs. Literally.

There is only one word to describe this music video and that word is AMAZEBALLS.

Why? Because it stars the footballing legend that is Gianfranco Zola and it’s one of the catchiest songs we’ve heard in our entire lives.

So, Derry band Wonder Villains (which consists of Eimear Coyle, Cheylene Murphy, Ryan McGroarty and Kieran Coyle) wrote a song about the Chelsea legend and then he agreed to be in the video.

Speaking about the whole experience, Eimear revealed: “He was the nicest and funniest guy! Such a gent!!” (We knew he would be.)

Reckon the foursome should just retire now. No matter how many hits and awards they may get, they will never top this.

(Video via YouTube/ Wonder Villains)

Zola is taken from the band’s new album Rocky which you can purchase from iTunes here. To find out more about them, check out their website, Facebook page or Twitter.