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24th Jul 2014

No Cameras Allowed: Meet The Man That Broke Into Festivals And Befriend Some Of The Biggest Stars In Music

Talk about balls of steel...

We’ve all heard of the dare devils who have attempted to break into the likes of Slane, Oxegen, Electric Picnic and the likes but this next guy is taking ‘jumping the fence’ to an extreme new level.

In the last four years Marcus Haney has attended almost 50 festivals around the globe and hasn’t paid entry to any of them.

He has compiled his incredible journey, which takes him to festival main stages, backstage and hanging out with bands, into one incredible documentary.

Marcus has since gone onto become one of the most sought-after photographers in music and  his documentary No Cameras Allowed gives us an insight into just how this High School graduate managed to break into Coachella, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury and The Grammys.

If all that wasn’t epic enough, Marcus managed to befriend and tour with Mumford & Sons and now creates music videos and works for stations like HBO.

Marcus Haney, you’re our new hero.

Video via YouTube/Strawberry Clementine´s Goodies