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14th Oct 2014

New Special Edition ‘Ghostbusters’ Vinyl To Actually Smell Like Marshmallows

Only 3,000 copies of the marshmallow-smelling vinyl are being issued.

Fans of Ghostbusters are super excited this week as it has been announced that they are re-releasing a vinyl version of Ray Parker Jr.’s classic theme tune.

It was also revealed that the vinyl will also literally smell of marshmallows (yum!). The limited edition will be released on October 21st and comes as a 12-inch white vinyl nestled inside its very own ‘puffy’ sleeve in honour of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

The announcement was made at the New York Comic Con over the weekend, and according to the Ghostbusters online store, the limited edition single will be reissued by Legacy Recordings and will run along with Run-DMC’s Ghostbusters Rap from Ghostbusters 2.

Fans will also get images from the film and a six-inch figurine of the Marshmallow Man.

Only 3,000 copies are being issued and many have already been pre-ordered. Don’t worry if you don’t get one though, as you can comfort yourself in the fact that there is a one day re-release of the film on October 28th and the special 30th anniversary Blu-ray is also available now.

Video via YouTube/RayParkerJuniorVEVO