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03rd May 2016

VIDEO: Irish duo’s Massive Attack and Madonna mash-up is incredible

Madonna would be extremely proud...

This mash-up is sure to perk up your Tuesday.

Dublin-based alt-pop duo Hvmmingbyrd have mashed up two classic hits, Madonna’s Ray of Light and Massive Attack’s Teardrop, to make a beautiful cover which has given us complete goosebumps.

Formed in Maynooth, Co Kildare in 2013, Hvmmingbyrd began as an all-female folk quintet, releasing a debut album Hvmmingbyrd in November 2014.

Due to various commitments, the band re-formed and re-emerged in 2016 as an alt-pop duo with founding member Deborah Byrne joined by singer-songwriter-pianist Suzette Das.

The duo kindly shared with us this delight and the replay button has become our new best friend.

For more from Hvmmingbyrd, check out their Facebook page here or you can catch them live at the Zodiac Sessions in Bruxelles on May 4th at 10pm.