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22nd Oct 2014

Jennifer Lopez To Sign Major Vegas Deal… And She’s Getting Paid More Than Britney

You won't believe how much she's earning per show!

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly on the verge of signing a major deal to perform in Las Vegas, with reports suggesting she’ll be paid more per show then Britney Spears.

Spears is currently in the middle of a 96-show run at The Axis, Planet Hollywood as part of of a two-year deal that will see her earn $310,000 for each performance.

According to TMZ, Lopez is demanding an even higher rate and is close to finalising a contract that would see her do 72 shows at the venue, three times a week for 24 weeks over a one or two year period.

The On The Floor singer would be paid $350,000 for each show, $40,000 more per night that Spears.

However, due to her longer run, Britney will still come out with a bigger paycheck, earning $29,760,000 in total compared to JLo’s $26,383,326.