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02nd Apr 2021

Get WAP on repeat! Research reveals listening to Cardi B will make you rich

Melissa Carton

cardi b

Alexa, play Cardi B..

During lockdown I’ve been spending more time working on my mental wellbeing and that had included meditation and manifestation.

While I usually listen to guided meditation for this apparently I’ve been going all the round way about it.

According to recent research certain pop music artists are the best to listen to when you’re trying to manifest wealth into your life with Cardi B being the overall best.

Cardi B just shared the very first photo of baby Kulture and she's PRECIOUS

In the last year alone Google searches for ‘manifestation methods’ have increased 15,492 per cent after the wellness trend gained a whole lot of traction across TikTok and Instagram.

According to science, music has the power to help us tune into our inner focus and if you’re looking to manifest some extra cash then you should stick Cardi B on Spotify while you meditate.

Other artists found to help manifest wealth were Toni Jones and Lizzy Jeff and while Ariana Grande was found to help people manifest their goals into reality.

Speaking on the subject of manifestation and music, Strategy & Alignment Coach, Sarah Sienkiewicz said;

“Music can help you to tune into the frequency of how you will feel when you have manifested what you’d like to attract.

From earning our riches, being successful, to finding love and living a happy life, the soundtrack behind our manifestations is key.”

Her top tips to get the most out of your meditation and manifestation is to consciously relax, set the mood, anchor yourself and be consistent.

During the study which researched 1,000 user-created Spotify playlists around ‘manifestation’ it was found that some artists are just better at manifesting to than others.

So if you’re trying to attract some wealth either through a lucky scratch card or maybe even getting a new job or promotion you can’t do any better it seems than sticking on Cardi B’s either back catalog.