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04th Nov 2014

GENIUS! Festival Timetable Temporary Tattoos Are A Thing *Mind Blown*

Greatest. Thing. Ever.

Why hasn’t someone thought of this sooner?! When we say someone, we’re really referring to ourselves… 

The term ‘genius’ gets thrown around quite a lot but anyone that has ever attended a music festival before will know that in this case, we use it well.

American graphic designer, Sarah Lawrence, has finally taken the hassle out of festival schedules by designing temporary festival tattoos that enable music lovers to ensure they know exactly what is on at all times.

Based in Atlanta, Lawrence has worked on the idea that will allow festival goers to paste set times of their must-see acts to their body, which eliminates the need to carrying print-out schedules or laminated tags.

The process is simple – Cut out the pre-made rows. Select a part of your body and place the rows flat onto your skin. Hold a wet cloth atop of them for approximately 30-seconds. Voila, you’re officially festival ready.


The temporary tattoos are said to last up to two week and can be removed simply with some baby oil.

Lawrence is in talks with festival promoters for the 2015 festival season, having already displayed the genius at this year’s Bonaroo festival.


The designer does not plan to stop festivals. According to she has many utilitarian uses for the item.

“Temporary tattoos are such a funny passion of mine, I have a lot of future ideas for other utilitarian uses,” she explained.

Adding: “I mean, isn’t hands-free the dream?”

On behalf of music lovers everywhere… Thank you, Sarah. Thank you.