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06th Oct 2015

Charlie Simpson Apparently Set to Return to Busted

Fans will not believe this

One of Britain’s Biggest Pop bands is set to reform – much to the surprise of fans.

Charlie Simpson infamously quit BUSTED ten years ago to pursue a career with Fightstar. He expressed specifically at that time that he would NEVER return to his pop roots.

However reports from The Sun this morning suggest the band is to reform later this year.

The report suggests that Charlie has noticed the success of McBUSTED (the human mash up of BUSTED surviving members and McFly), and wanted a piece of the financial pie.

The report also states that Fightstar fans (whoever you may be) need not be worried and that Charlie will embark on his new cash cow career as both a member of BUSTED and Fightstar.

At the time of his departure from BUSTED Simpson released a statement saying: “I want to make it unequivocally clear that I have no interest whatsoever in rejoining Busted and I never will.”

Looks like fans will actually get a chance to buy their multi-platinum 7th album. See what I did there? Eh.

H/T The Sun