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16th Nov 2018

There’s a bit of bad news for Ed Sheeran fans this morning

ed sheeran


There’s a bit of bad news for Ed Sheeran fans this morning as the singer-songwriter announces that he isn’t going to be releasing his fourth album, most likely titled ‘Minus’, until at least 2020.

Sheeran is currently in the middle of a world tour off the back of his last album, ‘Divide’ – a record which divided critics’ opinions due to its keen focus on first dance-fodder and weak club bangers.

Still though, the fans want what the fans want and in this case, the fans want more music. Something that Ed has said he won’t be able to deliver until after 2020.

ed sheeran

Speaking to Jo Wiley on BBC Radio 2, Ed said that he’ll be dropping a few bits here and there, but they won’t be full albums.

“I’ve got things coming out, I don’t know if they’re albums,” he said. “But I’ve got things coming out. The next ‘album album’ won’t be for a while.”

“After this, September is the end of tour next year, then I’m going to do another blackout and go away for a year. It worked last time for both me and the public, I think it’s good to have a little break.

“The next album, no earlier than 2020. Late 2020.”

Ed Sheeran

This comes after it was confirmed that Ed had worked with Westlife on the new tracks for their comeback tour.

Nicky, Kian, Shane, and Mark said that fans were going to be “taken aback” by the new music.

“The nostalgia is brilliant but this is about coming back and making a statement (…) It’s about becoming a band again.

“We can never be a tribute to our former selves.”


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