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05th Jul 2014

Are You Ready To Hear Your New Favourite Song? This Is The 2014 Summer Anthem

This is an earworm... Be prepared to hit repeat!

Remember when Ylvis released ‘What Does The Fox Say’ last year and the entire world almost came to a standstill over the prospect and sheer excitement of finally finding out what the fox actually does say? Well, move over Ylvis because there’s a new comedy singing sensation in town and we may have just fallen in love. 

‘Salsa Tequila‘, by Norwegian comedian Anders Nilsen can only be described as summer in a song.

The track, which just randomly features a collection of well-known Spanish phrases, words and people (Antonio Banderas) is currently numero uno in the Netherlands on iTunes.

"Salsa Tequila" Is The Hilarious Summer Hit You Didn't Know You Needed

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Anders explained that he had the idea after reading an article where a lady referred to a saxophone as a ‘new instrument’.

“One guy said that he’d read a newspaper article where a girl said that ‘saxophone is this years hottest new instrument,’ which we found really funny since the saxophone in no way is a new instrument,” he chuckled.

“When it was time to put vocals on it, we browsed similar songs on YouTube for inspiration, and found that many of the ‘saxophone accordion summer songs’ contained Spanish artists and lyrics, and thought that Spanish lyrics on top of everything would make it an even better parody of a ‘typical summer hit,’” he continued.

“The only problem was that neither I, or most of the people in Norway speak Spanish,” Nilsen said. “The song Gasolina was really huge here when it came out, but literally nobody in Norway knew any other words to the song other than ‘Gasolina.’ So they’d be like, ‘mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble GASOLIIINA!!!.’”

“So that sparked the idea of, OK, let’s write lyrics based on Spanish words, artists, actors, food, drinks and so on, that everyone in Norway knew about, so they could sing along to every word,” he added.

The result is this… Be prepared to hit the replay button.

Video via YouTube/Pitch Please TV