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10th Jan 2019

The 8 emotional stages of hearing new Westlife music for the first time

Hello, my new Westlife banger.

We mean, eh, Hello My Love – which is the name of Westlife’s first new single in eight years. 

That’s right lads, we’ve been eight years without a beautiful soft banger, a stunning Mark Feehily solo, and a key change that’s perfect enough it’d make you stand right up out of your seat.

The new song, written by Ed Sheeran and produced by Steve Mac, dropped today and it’s safe to say that each and every one of us was delighted with what we were given.

If you’ve yet to hear it, you can give it a listen here:

The lads are set to perform their new song for the first time on this week’s Graham Norton Show, but before that, we wanted to take a little time to reflect on today, how special it was, and the myriad of intense emotions we felt upon being gifted new Westlife music for the first time in eight years.

So, without further ado, here are the 8 emotional stages of hearing new Westlife music for the first time.

1. Shock 

“Fuck off, is this new Westlife music?!” you cry as you throw your EarPods into your ear canals and launch Spotify, pretending like you haven’t been waiting for this moment for about two months.

It’s here, and your body – although shook – is ready.

2. Wonder

You can’t believe this is new Westlife music you are currently listening to. You don’t trust your ears. It doesn’t seem real.

It’s a dream – but you’re living it.

3. Nervous

What if it’s shit?

No but honestly – what if it’s shit?

Like, OK, nothing Westlife have ever done has ever been shit, but also it’s been eight years. A lot can change in that time. A lot has changed in that time.

Ed Sheeran is involved this time for Christ’s sake, what are we supposed to expect?!

4. Relief

It’s not shit. Thank god.

5. Surprise

It’s actually really good. Like, really really good.

Like, it’s exactly as the lads said it would be – Westlife 2.0: the same deal but also different.

There’s a few bits in there that make you think, oh that didn’t sound like Westlife? But then you relax, because it did sound like Westlife.

Because it is Westlife.

6. Fury (briefly)

Sorry, why is there not enough Kian Egan singing on this track or..?

7. Hysterical



8. Calm

It’s over. The song has ended. The first new Westlife song you’ve listened to since 2011, or whenever.

You have felt a lot over the past three minutes, but it’s done now.

You have new Westlife music.

You are at peace.