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15th Mar 2013

Switch On and Drive Off: Five Tunes For the Road

We have no doubt you'll be jumping into your car at some point this bank holiday weekend so why not do it in style with these great driving songs?

Whether you’re planning on setting off for the whole weekend, taking a road trip or just heading home for the bank holiday, you definitely need something to sing along to on your way.

And that is precisely why we, with the help of our good friends at MSL Ballsbridge, have brought you five songs that are more than perfect for that purpose…


1. Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

We will never stop believing that this tune is one of THE ultimate car songs of all time.

2. One Way or Another by Blondie

Far superior to One Direction’s version, this Blondie song was meant for the road.

3. Mustang Sally by The Commitments

Forget wanting to ride around, all we want to do is hear this song!

4. Wouldn’t It Be Nice by Beach Boys

Even nicer than being older is listening to this classic tune behind the wheel.

5. Boys Are Back in Town by Thin Lizzy

Just because it wouldn’t be St Patrick’s Day without it!

Check back here for our fortnightly driving playlists, with thanks to MSL Ballsbridge