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24th Apr 2013

Behind the Wheel: Driving Tips 101

This week we're talking about what you should do if your car breaks down on the motorway...

It’s easy to panic when your car conks out while you’re driving on the motorway but the key is to stay calm and and stay safe.


There can be a number of reasons that your car breaks down but there are also a number of steps you should take when it does…
1. Don’t panic. There are worse things that could happen than your car breaking down. Yes it can be inconvenient but it is also somewhat out of your control so breathe deeply and pull over into the hard shoulder. Pull in as far as you can and turn your wheels to the left.

2. Turn on your side lights and hazard warning lights. Get out of the vehicle with the rest of your passengers and remember to exit the car on the passenger side. If you have a reflective jacket, put it on. Also place your warning triangle 45 metres behind your car. Once this is done, stand away from the road in a safe area.

3. Call for help. Use your mobile or walk to an emergency phone and call for Roadside Assistance. Tell them what has happened and listen to their advice. If you do eventually get your car going, build your speed up on the hard shoulder before rejoining the motorway. Wait for a gap in the traffic.

Check back here for weekly driving tips, with thanks to MSL Ballsbridge