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25th Apr 2013

You Sexy Thing: This Man Was Deported From Saudi Arabia… For Being Too Handsome.

What were we talking about? Sorry, we got lost in his eyes...

Is it hot in here? We’re only asking because we’ve caught a glimpse of the man who was asked to leave Saudi Arabia because he was simply too handsome to stay.

The Huffington Post reports that Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor, poet and photographer (swoon!) from Dubai was told that he’d have to leave the country because his hotness was distracting all the women in the vicinity and the authorities feared that he would corrupt them.

Here is some photographic evidence of his good looks (so you can make an informed decision on whether you fancy him or not):

Channelling Craig David

Check out those arms…

Omar likes long walks on the beach and animals

Omar was in Saudi Arabia attending a cultural festival  as a delegate for a stand promoting the UAE when the incident occurred. Hilariously enough, Omar wasn’t the only fella asked to leave.

According to reports, a group of men were deported because they too had been blessed in the face/body department. It must be hard being so beautiful. Sigh.

Anyway, apparently authorities at the annual Janadriyah Festival grew suspicious when they saw a high volume of women flocking to the UAE stand at the event. Omar was then asked if he’d, y’know, leave the country. Awkward.

However, a spokesman for the UAE delegation has said that the police only approached the stand in question due to the unexpected presence of a female Emirati artist.

“Her visit to the UAE stand was a coincidence as it was not included in the programme which we had already provided to the festival’s management,” said the spokesman.

Either way, Omar was told that he had to leave because his presence was causing a stir amongst the female population. What do you think? Here’s a slideshow of Omar that a fan painstakingly put together and uploaded to YouTube:


Um… Saudi Arabia, if you have any other hot men that you don’t want, feel free to send them to Ireland. We’ll look after them for you no problem…