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16th Nov 2012

You Can Take The Girl Out of Dublin: Pyjama Girl Trend Makes Its Way Down Under

Believe it or not people are actually wearing GAA jersey/pyjama pant combos down in Oz. Don't believe us? We have photographic proof...

Well ladies, it’s official – the pyjama trend has started Down Under. Yes, you heard us. Honestly, we’re being completely serious. In fact, we have photographic proof…

Whatever your views on the pyjama girl trend, there’s no denying that it is slowly but surely starting to become a global phenomenon.

You know yourself that wherever you go on holidays, you’re bound to meet an Irish lad (or lady) rocking a GAA jersey with a pair of shorts and some legs that could rival a milk bottle in terms of whiteness, but we never thought we’d see someone pairing the humble GAA jersey with a pair of pyjama pants.

This picture was taken in Sydney and you have to give it to the girl, she’s definitely repping her home country with this, ahem, interesting GAA jersey/pyjama bottom combo:

The picture was taken at Bondi Beach in Sydney and sent into us by Dee Geoghegan from Oz. Dee says that thanks to sights like the above, she never feels too far away from home Down Under.