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15th Nov 2012

Yikes! Woman Nearly Dies After Being Bitten By A House Spider

Natalie Hemme nearly lost her arm after being pinched by a common house insect.

We can’t say we’re big fans of creepy crawlies at, the mere sight of a Daddy long legs sending us into a screaming panic.

We’re not going to lie, our dads have been recruited in to suck up those bad boys with the hoover many times throughout our adolescence.

However, now that we’re on our own in the scary grown-up world, the occasional altercation with house dwelling spiders has become all the more dramatic, especially in the case of English woman Natalie Hemme who nearly lost a limb after encountering a creature with eight legs.

The unsuspecting woman was just chilling out in her home in Surrey when the common house spider nipped her arm.

However, she had a extreme allergic reaction to the bite and her arm swelled stopping the blood flow.

Natalie’s arm turned septic after being bitten by a common house spider

The bite started out as a small red mark on Natalie’s forearm but soon she began vomiting and struggling to stand as her limb began to turn septic.

According to The Sun, Natalie said: “It was agony. I was lucky to survive. You’d expect it in Australia but not in Surrey.

“I was in such pain when they told me I needed my arm amputated that I didn’t even care. It was agony and I know I have been very lucky to survive and keep my arm.

“I can’t believe all this happened over a spider bite.

“I honestly thought I was going to die,” she said.

We guess we’ll be sucking those spiders up the hoover for many years to come, so.