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01st Jan 2013

Yes Chef! Charlene McKenna Spills Some Juicy Details About the Return of Raw

The actress says RTE needs to take more risks and that we can be in for a shock when season five of the hit series returns to our screens at the weekend...

RTE may have surprised us all with their gritty gangland drama Love/Hate, however there’s one person who feels they need to start taking even more risks when it comes to making hit programmes.

Actress Charlene McKenna, the star of RTE’s restaurant drama Raw, has revealed that the success of both Raw and Love/Hate proves that Ireland has some solid acting talent and that audiences want more exciting plots in their programmes.

“A lot of people have had their backs to the wall and come out fighting. The talent and the creativity has always been there, and always will be there, so I think it’s just a case of getting the money together and continuing to take the risks and trust the talent in the country,” said Charlene, speaking to RTE.

“The audience is still there, they are still hungry, they still want drama and I think the success of Raw and Love/Hate prove that,” she added.

Charlene as Jojo in Raw

Charlene and the rest of the cast of Raw will be back on our screens this Sunday as the hit show returns for an explosive fifth season.

Shockingly, the actress has revealed that this will be her last series (but what will we do without the cheeky one-liners from Jojo?!).

“It’s really good this year. We have introduced loads of new characters – some really strong talent has come on board,” said Charlene.

So what can we expect to happen? Well according to Charlene, since the last series her character, Jojo, has gone off travelling and has found herself a new man. Basically, she returns to Dublin with a brand new husband!

“For the people who love Jojo, I think seeing her in ‘wedded bliss’ is going to be very interesting to watch,” said Charlene.

“The divil in her versus the wife. I’m not sure she has thought it true. She’s not really the marrying type, so here’s a lot that unravels within the marriage and my love husband isn’t perhaps as lovely as he comes across – that’s about as much as I can say,” she added.

Have you been following Raw? Will you be glued to your telly screen on Sunday night?