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17th Apr 2013

WTF? Have Reddit Users Discovered A MURDER On Google Maps?!

Does this picture have a simple explanation or is it something more sinister?

Okay, stop everything. Have Reddit users discovered an actual MURDER on Google Maps?! We’re only asking because the internet is currently in the middle of an epic debate over the above picture.

What do you see when you look at the snap taken in Almere in The Netherlands? Do you see two suspicious people standing over a body wrapped in black plastic and surrounded by blood? Or do you see two people petting a dog that’s just shaken itself off?

It’s a tough question and people have been falling over themselves to answer it on Reddit (where this entire thing kicked off).

According to the location in the picture means that if this was a murder, it would have been committed in full view of pedestrian traffic. Also, the fact that the ‘murderers’ decided to dump the body in a heavily used water way signifies that if something untoward was happening, they probably wanted to get caught.

Either way, it’s a freaky image. We’re hoping that it’s just a wet dog having a bit of shake after a nice swim. We’d be traumatised if we found out it that it actually was something more sinister…