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19th Feb 2013

Would You Pay €60,000 For This? New Dole Office Logo Causes Controversy

Let's just say that a lot of people are failing to see why this logo cost the Government so much money...

Have you seen the logo for the new service rolled out by the Department of Social Protection? Let’s just say that it’s sparked a bit of debate online, mainly due to its whopping price tag.

Intreo is a new service from the Department of Social Protection that will act as a single point of contact for all employment and income supports.

According to Intreo’s website, it’s a service that has been “designed to provide a more streamlined approach” with regards to offering employment services and supports for jobseekers and employers.

Now, as with any new venture, obviously the service needed a logo and, according to reports, the government forked out the eye-watering sum of almost €60,000 for this work of art:

Call us cynical but we’re pretty certain we could recreate this beaut if we had fifteen minutes alone with MS Paint or, even better, Photoshop.

According to Newstalk, a total of €59,516 was handed over to Dublin-based company Creative Inc. who won the tender for the design.

Amazing. If anyone needs us we’ll be off drawing random circles in the hopes that we can sell one of them to the government for a future logo of theirs…