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11th Jan 2013

Working Out The Kinks: Fitness Expert Unveils Exercises Based on Fifty Shades of Grey

Kristen James claims that her "50 Shapes of Grey" workout will give you some major body confidence and a little extra va-va-voom in the bedroom.

Just when you think that the world has finally started to forget about E.L James’ naughty novel Fifty Shades of Grey something else associated to the book appears in the news and immediately makes you go ‘W-T-actual-F?!’

Believe it or not, a fitness expert in New York is now offering a special workout based on the raunchy read. Yes, because the first thing we all think when we read Fifty Shades is that Anastasia Steele must be pretty fit in order to keep up with kinky Christian.

Anyway, the Huffington Post reports that exercise guru Kristen James has created a special workout known as ‘50 Shapes of Grey’ (we see what she did there!). The workout is designed to help people of all levels of fitness work out any kinks in their bodies that are stopping them from acting out the books sexy encounters with their other halves. Nice, right?

Kristen based her workouts on the best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey series by E.L James

Comprised of 13 ‘sexercises’ that have names like ‘bend-over-better,’ ‘sexy scissors’ and our favourite, the ‘seductive squat’ Kristen claims that these moves will translate to better and bolder sex.

According to Kristen, the workouts will not only get you a tight and toned body, but they’ll also give you the self-confidence you need to get your own ‘fifty shades’ on in the boudoir.

Here’s a video from Kristen that outlines some of the moves from her 50 Shapes of Grey workout. We imagine the tagline for this workout should be “putting the core back in hardcore!” What do you think?