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06th Jul 2012

Work Is a Piece of Cake For Lorraine Hayes

Lorraine started her business only a few weeks ago and she's already making her mark on the cake scene.


The latest sensation in baked goodies has hit Ireland in the form of pretty cake extraordinaire, Lorraine Hayes.

The baker started her business a mere ten weeks ago but is already catering for fabulous parties including’s glamorous launch, which took place on Thursday.

The mother of two was inspired by her friends to set up a Facebook page to get her cakes out there and since then the business has been booming.

“I have always baked. I have two children and I always baked for them.

“It got to the stage where people were asking me to make cakes for them and a couple of friends said to me ‘Lorraine, just do it. Set up a Facebook page and see how it goes’ and that’s what I did,” she said.

Lorraine works part-time in a shipping company and spends her evenings juggling her two kids and cakes.

“I work in the mornings and in the afternoons I do school runs, dinners, homework and after school activities like ballet, hurling and Gaelic football.

“I bake then in the evenings so I don’t get to bed very early any more. An early night is a rare thing in my house,” she laughed.

Lorraine said that her husband Damien has been a wonderful help to her since she started up the company from the couple’s home.

“My husband is brilliant. He’s a great support to me and he helps around the house and with our children Shane and Naomi when I am busy in the kitchen.”

Lorraine’s Cakes prides itself on freshly baked goods and amazing decorations, which are made on request.

“It is very important to me that the cakes are always fresh so I never make them more than twenty four hours in advance.

“I can make any cake you like and everything is made to order based on what my customer wants.”

Lorraine partied the night away with us at our launch party but the highlight of her evening was snapping a photo with Westlife’s Nicky Byrne, husband of’s lovely Georgina Ahern.

“I was actually so nervous meeting Nicky and I’m not usually a nervous person. My husband actually asked him if he minded taking a picture with me.

“He was so nice. Georgina had tweeted me during the week and said she was looking forward to the cupcakes. I think that she took home a box for herself!”

To order one of Lorraine’s amazing cakes you can visit her Facebook and Twitter pages or give her a call on 087-673-8923.

You’ll love them!