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20th Oct 2013

“Women Shouldn’t Have Rights” – See How The World Really Views Females In This Powerful New Ad Campaign

Women through the eyes of the world, is the concept behind the latest campaign from group, UN Women, which shows the most popular Google search terms about females.

Throughout the ages, women have been oppressed, victimised and had their worth and status continually degraded by the opposite sex.

In the 21st century we would hope that in terms of our gender remaining ‘second-class’, that times had changed.

In the last few decades there has been a significant increase in the access to education, the equality to vote, however globally females still remain lesser to men.

UN Women, a group of U.N. members that focus solely on female rights, wanted to highlight the major global issue of gender equality by creating a powerful advertising campaign that made an impact.

The posters are a statement to how the modern-age truthfully feels about women, through the use of popular Google search terms for females, which are heavily sexist and discriminative.

The search boxes are aptly places over the mouth of several striking portraits.

Woman cannot…

Woman need to…

Woman should…