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03rd Nov 2015

Woman Shares Her Experience Of Beating Cancer To Help People Going Through The Same Thing

"He and I shared this connection".

A year after her diagnosis with triple negative receptor breast cancer, Lara Honnor has shared her story in a bid to help other women undergoing the same experience.

Lara underwent a tough course of treatment including a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy and she is now cancer-free.

In a bid to let people know they’re not on their own, Lara set up a blog and made the below video which documents what she’s been through over the past year.

Lara spoke to about how she hopes her video will help other women going through the same thing.

“I was 31 when I was diagnosed and I would go to the breast cancer support group and I would be the youngest there by 20 years.

“Everyone was warm and lovely and welcoming but I would feel incredibly isolated because these ladies had children, had a life. Not that I didn’t have a life but I was single, I’d never had children and had the potential of becoming infertile so I couldn’t really connect.

“So I want young women to see that sometimes you can have the worst day and barely be able to move but the next day you feel fine, that there’s also ups too”.

Lara also said she had a sense of fear that she would never find love but that things changed suddenly when she met “Michael from Brighton”.

“A mutual friend posted my blog on her Facebook in April and Mikey read my blog post and sent me a message. He’s got cystic fibrosis and he said that he wanted to tell me how much he loved my blog and that he knew how much I was going through.

Lara continued: “I was worried about meeting someone who wouldn’t understand, I would worry someone wouldn’t go near me because I was “damaged” goods.

“It’s really nice to find somebody that isn’t put off by all this”.