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01st Dec 2015

Woman Searches Online For A Spare Room – Instead Gets A String Of Creepy Texts From A Couple

Oh sure, that's not going to creep you out at night.


We’ve a feeling she would’ve had trouble sleeping in this home.

A woman who registered her interest on was searching for a room to rent when she came across a strange proposition.

Although there was an offer of a bed, it wasn’t quite what she had planned.

A woman named Joanna was searching for a room in Sheffield, so posted her details on the site, along with her room requirements.

While she might have finally managed to find a place to stay, she also managed to attract the most unusual and creepy line of texts from a man offering her a room… and a threesome.

Sharing the messages with LadBible, the first propositioning texts started by just introducing himself before chancing his arm and asking for a date…


When Joanna explained that she had found a room and wasn’t interested, the messages moved on to sending profile snaps.

You know. To set the mood (of a serious stalker)…



Finally, he seemed to get the message… but not before signing off with the creepiest offer:


No strings attached or no expectations.

Where every great romance stems from…