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30th Dec 2016

Woman gets dumped by text by her ex-fiancé and has perfect response


She’s doing fine, thanks.

There are ways to break up with people, and they do not include ‘via the medium of text message.’

Unless you’re a teenager or in the most casual of relationships, the only way to cut the cord is to do it face-to-face. Unpleasant? Maybe, but it’s all about self-respect and a bit of decency.

With that in mind, a man who dumps his fiancée through text message deserves all the abuse he gets.

Brenna Clanton and her fiancé were both huge fans of the Dallas Cowboys. Before he broke it off with her via a text message, she had bought them tickets to the NFL side’s clash with the Detroit Lions on St. Stephen’s Day.

He had never seen the Cowboys play at home before, so she splashed out on tickets and on an Airbnb before her phone flashed and she was told – digitally – that they had ‘nothing in common.’

Brenna decided to go to the game anyway, bringing a friend and this sign, which has gone viral.