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08th Jul 2018

Woman discovered her fella was cheating on her thanks to her takeaway delivery guy

Caugh rapih.

Takeaway delivery guys are the true heroes of society.

They bring us delicious food. They ensure we don’t have to walk down the road for sustenance. They let us be lazy, lazy people.

And now they also tell us when the loves of our lives are cheating us.


Well, one delivery guy does anyway. He works for a sandwich place called Jimmy John’s in the States and when he witnessed some infidelity he decided to do something about it.

Twitter user Kayla explained to Buzzfeed what happened.

She says that she wanted to order her long distance boyfriend some food because he was studying and he lives far away and she loves him and stuff.

So she did, and told the delivery guy what the situation was. After the food was delivered, Kayla’s phone started ringing. She answered.

On Twitter, she said:

“The delivery driver continued by saying this…’look, we usually don’t do this, but I think you would like to know. When we walked up to the door to your bf’s place we were able to see into his apartment and he was in his boxers with a naked women on top of him on the couch.'”

Yeah, grim.

Kayla said she was, of course, in shock so she asked the delivery guy for some more information to confirm the story.

And then she broke up with her cheating boyfriend.

All thanks to the Jimmy John’s sandwich guy.